Xellence Pathways

Empowering Australia’s Offshore Wind industry, complementary technologies, and supply chain with skilled and diverse workforce solutions.

About Xellence Pathways

Xellence Pathways is a leading workforce enabling hub dedicated to addressing the skills and labor requirements and opportunities in the Australian Offshore Wind sector. Our innovative approach provides a roadmap for identifying educational pathways, creating job opportunities, and developing essential skills. Our mission is to be the conduit that addresses current skills and labor gaps, positioning the economy for success in future workforce participation. Through our collective efforts, we can drive specialised educational pathways that empower individuals with the skills to thrive in the offshore wind industry.

Unlocking the potential of Australia's Offshore Wind and underpinning supply chain through innovative workforce solutions.

Developing educational pathways that meet the needs of the workforce
Creating job opportunities and skill development programs
Collaborating with industry and government to ensure a sustainable and skilled workforce
Positioning ourselves as a key player in the industry, inclusive of all groups
Building collaborative partnerships with academic and training institutions, unions, and government agencies
Supporting the new energy apprenticeships program and helping Australia achieve its targets for reducing emissions and achieving net zero
Fit-for-purpose pathways and support for multiple audiences
A proactive approach to addressing the skills and labour crisis in the Australian offshore wind sector